Arnold Goodstein is a South Carolina Supreme Court Mediator

Mediation is flexible and confidential, allowing negotiations to happen behind closed doors with a mediator in place to keep fairness.

It is encouraged across legal sectors, for resolving issues. All parties involved need to agree for it to start.

Mediation can allow parties to come to a solution without having to involve the court system.

Lawyers prefer to collaborate rather than to remain in conflict.

It is always advisable to get to the negotiation table as soon as possible, as this gives you the best chance of getting things sorted quickly and allowing everyone involved to benefit.

Refusing to mediate might result in legal action that could go on for years, costing everyone a great amount of money.

Legal action is expensive and there is no guarantee of success, no matter what you think about your chances.

Advocating for mediation is a far more cost-effective way to resolve disputes.

Perhaps the most crucial thing to say in favor of mediation, is that it does really work. When parties undertake it, they are committing to come to a solution that benefits everyone.

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